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I’d love to see Out of the Ashes perform in my community; how much does it cost?

The message of encouragement that Out Of The Ashes carries is too important to only go where churches can ‘afford’ to hear it. Many churches have finances that can pay generously for us to come and play in their churches, but some are financially poor.


So don’t let money be your reason for not inviting us – the Lord has provided for us in such a way that, regardless of your circumstances, if there are people that need to hear the message, we would love to come and play for you.

My church is really small, how big does the audience have to be to be worthwhile?

Out Of The Ashes has played for audiences of over a thousand people, and for audiences as small as ten. Our view is that there will be someone in every group of people that God is trying to speak to and, as long as God keeps sending us, we'll keep going!

How can I get involved?

Out Of The Ashes love it when people offer to help us. Here are some of the things you can do:


  • First and foremost, PRAY FOR us; spiritual protection and empowerment are absolutely essential for every aspect of what we do.

  • Organise an Out Of The Ashes event in your own church or community.

  • Spread the news about what we do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anything else you can think of. In its simplest form –  ‘sharing our stuff’ is helping us!

  • Talk about us and invite your friends to our events.

  • We always need help with all that hardcore stuff like marketing and tour planning, so if that’s what floats your boat and you have time, we'd love to hear from you.


Or maybe you have some other ideas? Talk to us about anything else you might be able to do, we are sure you can help!

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