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So you want to book Out of the Ashes... here is some essential information...

Out of the Ashes (OOTA) is a highly professional live band who perform Christian witness music with lighting, videos and talks. Out of the Ashes (OOTA) comes in several forms; OOTA Light, is Penny and Kevin with backing tracks. Full OOTA is a twelve piece line up. They play their own Christian 'witness' songs which are mostly Jazz, Blues and R&B and also tell the stories behind the songs. By agreement, they can be contracted to play worship music, but this is not standard.

When they come with the full band, they would expect to perform two sets of about 45 minutes to an hour each, leaving a gap in the middle either for you to talk about your cause, or for people to relax and chat with food and drink, if those are being served.


If you have booked OOTA light, they would normally expect to perform up to either one set of about an hour, or two sets of about thirty minutes each.

Normally they come with our own equipment, consisting of a high quality PA system, suitable for audiences of up to 250-300 people. They also carry our own lighting rig and video screens.

Booking the Date of Event
  • Give yourself enough time to really market the event. A minimum of two months is advisable.

  • Try to avoid clashing with other local events that might appeal to the same audience.

  • Avoid school holidays and half terms. 

  • It can also be a good idea to avoid organising an event in a period when lots of other events are going on.

Booking the Venue for the Event

There needs to be enough room for the band to use as a stage. Most modern churches, nowadays, have plenty of room at the front, but there are still some with pews right up to the lectern. If that’s the case, you might want to consider how viable it is. If in doubt, talk to us, we’re normally able to come and have a look, and discuss possibilities with you.

Remember that your audience may need parking. This needs to be something you have considered in planning your venue. We ask for band members to be reimbursed for any parking expenses they may incur.

The Time of the Event

Most of our performances are in the evening, though we are sometimes asked to do them in the early afternoon.


Please allow time for us to set up; and if you are in doubt, discuss it with us.

On the day of the event, if it is an evening performance, we will need access to the venue from late morning. Setting up for a full band event takes most of the day.

Marketing and Promotion

This is always one of the most difficult aspects of organising an event and needs time and thought for preparation and execution. Putting up a few posters around town is not going to have much effect these days. There is so much marketing material out there, why should yours stand out? Asking a few friends to come isn't going to have much impact either.

These days people rarely tend to be proactive at going to events. So, you need to consider what is going to appeal to your audience to get them out of their homes in front of the TV, to come to your event. Making your event a community one, giving it a good cause, serving food and holding it in a nice environment are all good aspects to consider. But, predominantly, you need to get a team of people around you who will be responsible for single tickets in advance of the event. Don’t expect people to just turn up on the night. 

People generally respond best to being invited to an event with a group of friends. The best method we have found is to get a group of highly sociable people, say ten, give them ten tickets each and get them to sell them, no returns, that's one hundred tickets sold already. A sense of a ‘party’ that ‘everyone is going to’ and therefore ‘no-one wants to miss’ will really help. Back this up with posters, radio interviews etc. 

Tickets and Posters

These days books of tickets can be obtained online and you will have high quality looking tickets at low cost in a few days.

Poster formats, for you to edit, are available when you contact us. You can get these duplicated at your local printers.

Any questions, problems, issues... talk to us.

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