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Very inspiring – loved the personal stories related to an ever deepening faith.


Wonderful way to evangelise with joy, pathos and fellowship amongst the singers. Hope you continue to grow and reach many people with your message of God’s never failing love for us all.

Some very talented musicians and a 'lot of soul'.

Thank you for a most enjoyable concert.

Great music and energy. Really uplifting. Thanks!

Really enjoyed your music, very inspiring.


Would very much love to watch you sing again. Thank you Penny.

You are both amazing together and your songs are beautiful.


Thank you for sharing your special gifts with us. Remain blessed.

Absolutely great! Uplifting too. Wonderful words and songs!

Most uplifting and very enjoyable.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you all again! Thank you!

So lovely to see the joy and for you to share it with your wonderful gospel singing.

Amazing concert. Great atmosphere.

Going home feeling "high & lifted up!"

Loved your passion and authenticity.
What a wonderful way to bring the Gospel to life.

Absolutely brilliant - thank you so much for coming to St Swithuns. See you next year - please!

I am enormously grateful to you for coming over to Staunton and Corse. Your music and testimony were powerful witnesses to the Gospel.

Not only do you have some insight into church culture here, your coming has helped to move church culture in a much more 'open' direction, it helps the process of change by reaching people's hearts to the Lord.

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